Thanks to the characteristics of the tungsten carbide selected by Axis Dental, the cutting effect of these burs is much greater than that of a steel bur.

The active extremity ensures comfort and high efficiency

punta activa

Axis Dental round burs are equipped with an active transversal blade on their extremity that ensures a shock and vibration free work.

The cutting efficiency of Axis Dental tungsten carbide burs allows for easy work on both rough and flat surfaces, always with the best quality.

Tungsten carbide


Optimal cutting effect and perfect comfort in our wide range for daily dentistry activities, such as cavity removal and old soft restorations, such as amalgam, composite and cement. With or without crosscuts, we meet any of your professional needs.

Axis Dental has a wide range of burs, of different shapes and designs, for finish work of composite, amalgams, cavities and preparation of prosthetics. 

Bridges and crowns


Axis Dental has designed specific tungsten carbide burs to work on metals with over cuts or crossed layers, ensuring an excellent perpendicular or side cutting capacity.

Our range of tungsten carbide burs for surgery provide a perfect balance between cutting effect and comfort; ensuring complete control during the intervention.