PURE whitening: a range of easy treatments, with no need to travel and with the support of the dentist.


PURE 10%

The ideal solution for sensitive teeth. The gentlest way to obtain whiter teeth.
Use: apply once a night for 4 hours over 16 nights.

PURE 16%

The ideal formula for people looking for a faster treatment and/or with more noticeable colouring on their teeth.
Use: apply for 2 hours over 16 nights.


This brush creates a bright, luminous effect on your teeth, safely and simply, with just one 20-minute application.
Use: PURE Pen allows for 15 to 20 applications.

How to use it
The dentist will produce an impression of the patient’s teeth for the production of customized splints and will choose the most appropriate treatment depending on their dental status. The dentist will also indicate the procedure to follow to achieve an optimal outcome.


Why do teeth change colour?

With age, teeth take on a different colour due to our consumption of food and drink (tea, coffee, red wine, smoking, fruit juices, etc.), due to trauma or old restorations (fillings).

Dental whitening enables us to eliminate this discolouring and refresh the natural whiteness of your teeth.

Is the whitening result long-lasting?

The duration of the treatment will depend on the patient’s oral hygiene, as well as his or her eating habits.

What does PURE whitening consist in?

PURE is a dental whitening process developed by Axis Dental to allow you to whiten your teeth with long-term results.

Is treatment with PURE safe?

Yes, PURE guarantees a totally safe process without any danger for the gums or for the teeth.

The basic treatments from Axis Dental include a specific solution to reduce the sensitivity of your teeth where necessary.