PURE is the teeth whitening treatment developed by Axis Dental. Effective, without risks and very easy to use, both in clinics and at home.

PURE tooth whitening treatment by Axis Dental provides a long lasting whiter and brighter smile.

Its range of easy and risk-free treatments allows it to be used both in clinics and at home.


Highly effective

PURE teeth whitening treatment by Axis Dental separates the active ingredient from the sensitivity solution, in order to obtain a more effective solution.

Protected enamel

Each treatment includes a PURE care syringe that reduces sensitivity before, during and after the treatment, thanks to its potassium nitrate and sodium fluoride composition. Additionally, its concentration of 30% Xylitol, re-mineralizes and strengthens enamel and makes color consistent.


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PURE treatment in clinics

Fast results, in one hour you will obtain optimal results in the dentist’s office.

PURE whitening treatment at home

A range of easy treatments that can be applied at home under the supervision of a dentist or dental hygienist.