We are committed to meeting the needs of odontologists and are always close to them, and therefore we are constantly improving our products and services in order to ensure the loyalty of our market.

Our solutions include a wide range of references in burs, both for dental and lab work. All of them employ the best materials, providing efficiency, accuracy, cut speed, perfect geometry and lack of vibrations.

Axis Dental diamond burs offer optimal cover on the active part, enabling them to achieve unprecedented levels of comfort and efficiency. More than 850 references in five different grits.

Tungsten carbide burs from Axis Dental ensure optimal cutting effect and impeccable surface finish. More than 250 references, with or without crosscut.

Progress in materials and the always better adapted abrasives to the surface being worked on guarantees an optimal result while preserving the working life of the polishers.

Since dental medicine is an extremely specific and varied type of activity, Axis Dental has paid special attention to the development of its products and has developed a wide range to ensure all of the different activities involved.

The activities of laboratories have evolved dramatically in recent years, forcing Axis Dental to reduce the importance of the laboratory’s range. In order to answer these changes, Axis dental has made available to professionals in this sector specific products essential to their daily activity.

Several Dental Opinion Leaders have developed, with the assistance of our company, specific kits to perform either day-to-day work or more specialized tasks. These kits are used in the trainings they regularly provide.